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Amanda | Glamour

In preparation for my glamour/boudoir marathon coming up, I thought I would share some glamour photos of Amanda! As I kind-of explained in my last blog post, glamour photography is more about the eyes and face rather than the body. Glamour Photography, as reinvented by Australian photographer Sue Bryce, is basically modern contemporary portraiture with a focus on fashion & beauty. If I had to use one word to describe it, I would say “connection.” And it wouldn’t be glamour photography if we didn’t have gorgeous makeup and hair as well.

Amanda graciously let me share a photo of her without makeup (she looks beautiful with or without makeup!) just so you have an idea of the before and after. In this case, she did her own makeup to match her style and I am all about the red lips.

So beautiful.

So, we probably won’t be able to do any pool photos like this for the marathon haha but I just had to share the image.

PS I got my makeup done the other day by Celina who will be doing the makeup for the glamour/boudoir marathon, here are a couple photos we took after!

No retouching here folks! Celina is THAT good.

If this is something you might be interested in, email me at and sign up for the glamour/boudoir marathon!  :)


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