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Frequently Asked Questions

This is my FAQ section, highlighting a few of the most common questions I get from clients. If you can’t find your answer here, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What is the best way to inquire?
By email:

What are your prices?
You can check out my “investment” section on my website HERE, but for further prices email me:

How do we get our photos?
All your photos will be uploaded to your own personal password-protected gallery, in my “clients” section. It’s super easy and you can share them with whomever you want. You can also pick photos to be printed from there as well. Additionally, you will receive a USB of all your photos in the mail.

When will we get our photos?
Typically, it takes about 4-6 weeks for engagement sessions and portraits and about 8-10 weeks for weddings. I like to give teaser photos within the first 1-2 weeks too:)

Can we print the photos ourselves?
As long as it is for personal use, then yes, of course! Your online gallery allows you to print photos of amazing quality, so if you want something special I would suggest getting your photos printed from there.

Do you offer albums?
Yes, I offer fine art books of exceptional quality. I use and you can see some album options in my “products” section. The albums are absolutely beautiful and are especially popular for weddings photos, engagement photos and glamour/boudoir sessions.

Do you offer engagement sessions?
Why yes I do! And I love them! I offer complimentary engagement sessions on all my wedding packages. It is such a great way to get to know each other and for you (the couple) to get used to me taking your photo.

Can we not do the engagement session and get a cheaper wedding package?
No, the wedding package price will stay the same whether you decide to get engagement photos or not, as they are complimentary and so important to the wedding photos process.

Do you have back-up gear?
Yes, I do! I have 1 Canon 5D Mark III camera, 2 Canon 5D Mark II cameras, flashes, lenses and many memory cards.
I will also back-up your photos as well, on my computer and online.

Do you travel?
Yes, I do and I would love to travel more! Email me: and we can discuss the details.

How do I/we book you?
Just email me at:, or click  “contact” on the top right hand side of my website.

For weddings, I require a 25% deposit of your overall package price and a signed contract to secure your wedding date. It’s usually best if we meet up, preferably where we can sit back and get a cup of tea!

How do we pay you?
I take cheques, cash and my favourite; e-transfer.

We booked you, now what?
For more specific questions on what to do after you booked me for your wedding or portrait session, keep reading!


The Engagement Session

How long is the engagement session?
About 2 hours.

What do we wear?
Basically, just have fun with it! Don’t settle for the matching jeans and top look. Get your hair and make-up professionally done and bring a few outfit options! Realistically, we will only have time to shoot with one or two outfits, but it’s always nice to have options. I like softer colours, small patterns, and matching tones and/or subtle matching accessories – creating a nice balance of colour and style is great, but ultimately it’s up to you! For more inspiration feel free to check out my pinterest board on what to wear for your portrait session here!

Can we bring props or do you provide them?
Please feel free to bring a few props; balloons, guitar, bubbles, a kite, a tandem bicycle haha whatever you think suits you two! I love props and I do have a few myself, but it totally depends on the look you are going for. If you want a more styled engagement shoot like this one here, we can work together to create that. It will cost you a few more dollars if we have to rent a van, hot air balloon, etc. though haha. For more ideas check out my couples pinterest board here. Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple and just focus on the two of you, props aren’t necessary (they are just a nice bonus).

Where do we go?
It is up to you! You can choose to take photos in a location that is special to you both, like a park where he/she proposed or the place where you went on your first date. If you can’t quite decide where to go, I am more than happy to suggest places. I am constantly on the lookout for new areas to take photos. We can also visit multiple locations as long as they aren’t too far away from each other. We live in such a beautiful area, it’s not too hard to find interesting spots.

When should we plan on doing the engagement photos?
At least 2 months before your wedding day. That way it gives me enough time to get all the photos to you and if you decide to get an engagement album/guest book we have just enough time to do that before the wedding.

What should we expect?
You two should expect to have some fun! There is so much freedom in engagement photos; you can be as creative as you want. We will walk, talk, and explore. I might ask you to jump, piggyback, hold hands, dance, hug, snuggle, kiss, laugh and whatever else I can think of. Often I will see a nice spot and ask you to head over there to sit, hold hands, eskimo kiss (rub noses), etc. and I might give you little directions like “put your arm around her waist and pull her close.” But, mostly I just want to capture your expressions and love for each other that will happen naturally. And you are, of course, free to do any ideas you have as well! Also, I will most likely have an assistant with me to help us out.

Do you edit all photos?
With engagement photos I usually colour edit about 100-200 images, put them up on your online gallery, and you pick your top 20 to be retouched (skin fixing, highlighting/darkening areas, taking anything unwanted out of the background, etc.).


The Wedding

How much time should we set for portraits?
At least 2 hours. Things almost always go a bit longer than expected at weddings, so it’s good to leave as much time as you can for photos.

If we are planning on going to a couple locations for portraits, should we all be in the same vehicle?
If the area is somewhere I know pretty well and there won’t be too many busy roads, I will drive my second-shooter and myself. If we know the area is going to be busy ahead of time and there is a chance that we could be separated – driving together is a great idea. For areas like Stanley Park and Gastown, it’s a good idea to drive together.

What is a first look and how would it benefit us?
A “first-look” is when the bride and groom see each other (after they have gotten all dressed up) before the ceremony in order to get most of the portraits out of the way beforehand. Most often, the groom’s back is turned till his bride lets him know he can turn around to see her. This is more intimate, romantic, and quite emotional.

A lot of couple’s main hesitation with this is that they would be breaking tradition. But, you would still have that emotional moment seeing each other walking down the aisle regardless PLUS a more intimate moment with just the two of you. This can be great for the slightly shyer couples. First looks generally offer a less stressful wedding timeline as well – instead of having the ceremony then leaving the guests for a few hours while you get photos taken, you can all just head straight to the reception for cocktail hour.

From a photographer’s standpoint, first looks usually have quite a few benefits. The main ones being that I would get more time to do portraits of just the bride and groom and there will be more natural light to shoot in. For weddings during the winter months there is especially limited light, so a first look is highly recommended.

How can we better organize family photos?
Family photos usually come right after the ceremony at a location nearby that you and I have chosen. Giving me a list of all combinations of family photos that you would like is a must (I will ask you for it a couple weeks before the wedding). It is also great to have someone (a sister, aunt, best man) who knows most of the family members helping out. It’s easy for me to just call out names off a list, but I won’t know who to look for if someone doesn’t show up. My second-shooter and I will organize family members and take photos as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please feel free to let all your family know where and when the photos will be happening ahead of time (by email or have the officiant/pastor announce it).

How many photos do you deliver?
Every wedding is different, but usually somewhere between 400-900 images.

Do you edit all photos?

Yes, I do. Which is why it takes about 8-10 weeks to get you the photos haha. It can be a long process.

*More information about weddings is outlined in my contract and feel free to email me questions as well.



What do I/we wear?
It depends on what type of portrait session you are doing, but in general dress your best and if possible, get your hair and make-up professionally done – even if you are going for a more natural look. It does really makes a difference in the images. Feel free to bring several outfits and accessories – we’ll go over everything before the shoot to find the best clothes to fit the location and the look you are going for.

Where do we go?
Wherever you like. I can suggest places as well.

Can we bring props?
Yes! I love props, especially for a family session, couples session, or other types of portraits involving more than one person. It gives you all something fun to do while taking the photos.

What should I/we expect?
Like engagement shoots, expect to have fun! We will likely go to a couple locations and walk, talk, and explore the area. Once I find an area I like, I will have you sit, stand, etc. there and take your photos as well as give you little directions. We will use props if you brought them and play around with them. I will likely have an assistant if it is portraits for more than 2 people.

Do you edit all photos?
Like engagement sessions I will colour edit a few hundred photos (depends on how long your session was), then you pick your favourites from your online gallery to be retouched. With headshots it’s usually about 100 colour-edited photos and you pick your top 10 to be retouched.



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