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Happy Birthday Chris

Happy Birthday Chris! Today you would have been 25 years old my love.

I wanted to throw him a big surprise party for his 25th, but instead I am hosting a different kind of party today. We will still get together with his family and close friends. We will have all of his favourite foods and drinks and play his favourite games at our place. Our dog; Decoy, will be greeting everyone at the door, but Chris won’t be there.

We won’t get to hear his thoughtful questions, witty one-liners and contagious laugh. We won’t be able to see his excitement when he wins a round of darts or gets really into the card game; Exploding Kittens. We won’t be able to give him a hug or pat on the back, but he will be there. He will be with us in spirit and we can take comfort in the fact that Chris will definitely be partying it up in Heaven today. <3


After Chris’ memorial service I received so many cards, gifts and messages from people. They have meant the world to me. I have loved reading about positive changes that have been happening in people’s lives since Chris’ passing and his memorial service. PLEASE keep sharing them with me, they bring me so much joy. It was our hope that this would be a wake up call for everyone to mend broken relationships, always say “I love you,” get life insurance and life assurance through Christ.

Also, if you attended the service, but didn’t get a chance to sign the guest books (I know there were long lines for that), I would love if you could let me know in the comments below or message me on Facebook or email me; Thanks so much!


In honour of Chris’ birthday I have set up an online gallery within my website galleries called “Honouring Chris.” In it are photos of him we used in the service, video and more photos. I have opened it up for people to view and download photos. I would be so grateful to receive more photos of him and see more memories. Friends, please contact me for the password to upload and download photos. Click HERE to access it.

Joffree_Chris-blog-1All these photos are from our last hike together at Joffree Lakes celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary.


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