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Josh & Marcela | Beach Engagement

I just photographed Josh & Marcela’s gorgeous wedding in Squamish this past weekend (teasers at the bottom of this post) and it was amazing!! Their love and the love for them from all their family, bridal party and guests was so evident – that really is my favourite thing about weddings:)

I have known Marcela since high school and we have stayed in touch ever since. She has been so supportive of me and my photography, she told me that I would photograph her wedding when the day came (even when she didn’t have a boyfriend at the time haha). I told her I couldn’t wait for the day and that day was last Saturday!!! Needless to say, I was excited.

Now for a little bit about Marcela and Josh. They met at their best friend’s wedding; Kirsten & Adam, in September 2012. Being the photographer at that wedding, I happened to take a photo of their first one-on-one conversation: J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-9

I am not going to say I knew they would get together then, but I definitely had a strong feeling that something would come of that conversation. Just look at how happy and cute they are talking to each other!? Contrary to what a lot of people thought, there was no match-making involved for this pair. Josh took initiative and pursued Marcela until they officially started dating in February 2014. They became best friends right away and spent almost every day together that year.

Josh proposed on March 28, 2015 at Cultus Lake (at his cabin). He had set up a chair with balloons under a big tree and an Adventure Book waiting for Marcela, based on the adorable movie; “UP!”. We wanted to incorporate the adventure book that Josh created into their engagement session and also do some adventurous things to add to it! This is where we started:


They love the game Monopoly Deal and Marcela likes to make this face 😛 J&M-Engagement-blog-8MS-blog004MS-blog006J&M-Engagement-blog-11They are SO cute!!J&M-Engagement-blog-12MS-blog005J&M-Engagement-blog-17J&M-Engagement-blog-18J&M-Engagement-blog-20J&M-Engagement-blog-21J&M-Engagement-blog-22J&M-Engagement-blog-23MS-blog008J&M-Engagement-blog-26J&M-Engagement-blog-27J&M-Engagement-blog-28MS-blog009J&M-Engagement-blog-32J&M-Engagement-blog-33J&M-Engagement-blog-34J&M-Engagement-blog-35J&M-Engagement-blog-36J&M-Engagement-blog-37MS-blog010J&M-Engagement-blog-40J&M-Engagement-blog-41J&M-Engagement-blog-43J&M-Engagement-blog-45J&M-Engagement-blog-46J&M-Engagement-blog-47J&M-Engagement-blog-48J&M-Engagement-blog-49

Paddle boarding at sunset is definitely something to add to the adventure book:) MS-blog011J&M-Engagement-blog-54MS-blog012J&M-Engagement-blog-55J&M-Engagement-blog-56

It was such an incredible beach engagement session, we couldn’t have asked for a better day <3

And here are some teasers from their wedding day at the Cheakamus Centre!! MS-blog001J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-3J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-4J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-5J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-6J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-7J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-8

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