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    Hi! I'm Marie :) I'm a photographer specializing in engagements, weddings and portraits and I love LOVE. I try to capture as many real, natural moments as possible. I truly enjoy getting to know my couples and clients and always try to create photos that embody their personalities as well.

    I am a photo-school graduate and have been running my own business since 2011. A little random fact about me: I hiccup at least once a day! I can almost guarantee you will hear at least one while I'm taking your photos.

    Photo by Danielle Dobson

I just photographed Josh & Marcela’s gorgeous wedding in Squamish this past weekend (teasers at the bottom of this post) and it was amazing!! Their love and the love for them from all their family, bridal party and guests was so evident – that really is my favourite thing about weddings:)

I have known Marcela since high school and we have stayed in touch ever since. She has been so supportive of me and my photography, she told me that I would photograph her wedding when the day came (even when she didn’t have a boyfriend at the time haha). I told her I couldn’t wait for the day and that day was last Saturday!!! Needless to say, I was excited.

Now for a little bit about Marcela and Josh. They met at their best friend’s wedding; Kirsten & Adam, in September 2012. Being the photographer at that wedding, I happened to take a photo of their first one-on-one conversation: J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-9

I am not going to say I knew they would get together then, but I definitely had a strong feeling that something would come of that conversation. Just look at how happy and cute they are talking to each other!? Contrary to what a lot of people thought, there was no match-making involved for this pair. Josh took initiative and pursued Marcela until they officially started dating in February 2014. They became best friends right away and spent almost every day together that year.

Josh proposed on March 28, 2015 at Cultus Lake (at his cabin). He had set up a chair with balloons under a big tree and an Adventure Book waiting for Marcela, based on the adorable movie; “UP!”. We wanted to incorporate the adventure book that Josh created into their engagement session and also do some adventurous things to add to it! This is where we started:


They love the game Monopoly Deal and Marcela likes to make this face 😛 J&M-Engagement-blog-8MS-blog004MS-blog006J&M-Engagement-blog-11They are SO cute!!J&M-Engagement-blog-12MS-blog005J&M-Engagement-blog-17J&M-Engagement-blog-18J&M-Engagement-blog-20J&M-Engagement-blog-21J&M-Engagement-blog-22J&M-Engagement-blog-23MS-blog008J&M-Engagement-blog-26J&M-Engagement-blog-27J&M-Engagement-blog-28MS-blog009J&M-Engagement-blog-32J&M-Engagement-blog-33J&M-Engagement-blog-34J&M-Engagement-blog-35J&M-Engagement-blog-36J&M-Engagement-blog-37MS-blog010J&M-Engagement-blog-40J&M-Engagement-blog-41J&M-Engagement-blog-43J&M-Engagement-blog-45J&M-Engagement-blog-46J&M-Engagement-blog-47J&M-Engagement-blog-48J&M-Engagement-blog-49

Paddle boarding at sunset is definitely something to add to the adventure book:) MS-blog011J&M-Engagement-blog-54MS-blog012J&M-Engagement-blog-55J&M-Engagement-blog-56

It was such an incredible beach engagement session, we couldn’t have asked for a better day <3

And here are some teasers from their wedding day at the Cheakamus Centre!! MS-blog001J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-3J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-4J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-5J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-6J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-7J&M-Wedding-teaser-blog-8

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I am excited because tomorrow I will be driving out to Christina Lake to photograph this wonderful couple’s wedding! Connor lived at Christina Lake and Natalee grew up spending her summers there. Her campsite was only a 2 minute walk away from Connor’s house. They met once when Natalee was working at the local ice cream shop there, but they officially met through friends at a hangout spot one weekend. Two months after that meeting, they began dating.

When asked the question “What do you love most about your fiance?” Connor said; “I love the way that she would do anything for anyone, how you know when she is nervous because she will ramble uncontrollably and I can’t help but sit there and smile. I also love the way she finger dances, and the fact the no matter how bad of a day I have had, she always knows exactly what to say to make everything better.”  So sweet!
Natalee said this about Connor; “Saying I love Connor is an understatement. The things I personally love most are; 1. Connor is the most generous person  have ever met, he would honestly give his shirt off his back for a stranger in need. 2. Connor can make me laugh in the worst times. 3. The fact that Connor literally shows me up on the dance floor. 4. I can completely be myself with him.” Adorable:)

On Monday, February 17, 2014 Connor proposed to Natalee and this is how it went down according to Natalee; “I returned home from writing an exam at school and as I entered I noticed a path of rose petals that lead into our living room with champagne, a black box, and candles waiting. However Connor was no where to be found. So I searched the house for him, kind of thinking that this was a belated birthday/valentines day surprise. Because I couldn’t find Connor, I returned to the decorate table and he jumped out from under it scaring me. He then got really cute and said some really nice things, and then asked the easiest questions I have ever been asked. Obviously I said YES!” 

We did their Delta engagement session almost exactly a year ago now on a beautiful, sunny August day. Because Natalee and Connor spent a lot of summers together, it was important that their engagement session be in the summer as well. Connor loves trucks and Natalee thought it would be a great idea if we could get a nice, old truck to take photos with. I made it my mission to find such a truck! It wasn’t too easy, but one day as I walking down Main Street with a friend, I saw this beautiful blue 1957 Chevy truck parked on the street, so I left a note on the windshield in hopes that the owner would be willing to let us rent it. Sure enough he was! We got the truck, an awesome couple, and a beautiful sunny day – it was pretty perfect. Enjoy the photos!:)

They are so cute!N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-18MS-blog009MS-blog010N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-27N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-28N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-30N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-31MS-blog012N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-38MS-blog013N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-37

As the sun was going down we made our way to the dock and this gorgeous light appeared through the trees, I had to take advantage of it.MS-blog017N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-43N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-45N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-46N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-47N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-48MS-blog016N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-51N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-52N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-53N&C-Engagement-blog-MS-55

We ended on a perfect sunset! Thanks so much Connor and Natalee, I am so excited for your wedding this weekend!!

Thank you to Sam for assisting me on this session!:)


Hey everyone!

As you may notice Marie Skerl Photography’s blog looks a little different. I have finally finished my new website!!! Yay! It has all the same features and information as my last blog plus even more (like the FAQ, reviews, features, etc.) in a simpler, stream-lined, more adult (slightly less pink haha) look. I am growing up and maturing and my site needs to too.


Photos of me by my dear friend Sam, thanks!

It has been such a long process making this site (because I wasn’t making it a priority for a long time) and I want to celebrate the website launch with a giveaway for YOU!! I polled people on my facebook page a couple weeks ago as to what place they would most want to get a $100 gift card from. The majority said Etsy and I have to say I would agree with them, so here it is! A giveaway for a $100 giftcard to Etsy:


This time it is an Instagram giveaway! This image has been posted on my Instagram page HERE and all you have to do is (like the photo says) these 3 things:
1. Follow @marieskerlphoto on Instagram
2. Tag 2 friends to the post
3. Like the post <3

I will be randomly choosing a winner next week Friday, March 27, 2015 at midnight so be sure to do all 3 things listed and you will be entered to win $100 to spend on Etsy things!!  😀

P.S. Bonus points for pinning, facebooking, tweeting and hashtagging: #marieskerlwebsite

THE WINNER IS @alyssalortie!!! Yay! Send me an email to get your gift card:)

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  • Danielle - VDAY Portrait Entry:

    If you’re looking for a new TV show to binge on and you haven’t already seen it, you have to pick up “Parenthood.” I am a blubbering mess just about every episode! Plus there’s Lauren Graham…ReplyCancel

Hello everyone!

It is that time of year again…all the shops are advertising their Valentine’s specials, chocolates and flowers are in abundance and you or your significant other is planning something special for February 14…

While I have been planning my annual VALENTINE’S DAY GIVEAWAY!! But, like I did last year I want to focus on not only the couples in love, but also the love shared between your family, friends, pets, etc. In short, if you don’t have a significant other you can still enter this giveaway! The winner will receive a FREE portrait session by me!!! This is the only time of year I give away an absolutely FREE session.

At the bottom of this post you will find a box with ways to enter the giveaway. Each type of entry has a number value. You can tweet about the contest, share it on Facebook or share it on Instagram once a day and get multiple entries from that! Remember to use #marieskerlvday and @marieskerl when you are posting. The more entries you make, the more likely you are to win. The winner of the contest will be picked randomly using Rafflecopter on February 15.

Good luck! Now start entering! 😀

Lots of love, Marie


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